2019 IMUSM Announcements (What’s New)

Services in 2019

Instagram is great visual content and for certain clients, we are producing visibility on this growing platform. Add Pinterest and LinkedIn as well.

Adding Google My Business to every platform just makes sense as we head more deeply into 2016. Google is the driver of page rank and indexing today, and Google My Business (formally Business G+), combined with Google Reviews, are what is new this year.

IMUSM now offers the exciting opportunity for bringing content creation to larger web service companies and SEO businesses that currently do not do any writing for their clients. You handle the client needs and add blog posts as a new service. Up-sell the new product as an additional revenue source for clients who need and want a blogging presence.

We write on any subject and we do it on time and with a quality and consistency not found within the huge content writing tanks found on the Internet. Go to our blog post samples tab and check out what we do. Real people doing the real copy.


Jim Vogel, Owner, I.M.U. Social Media LLC of Davidson, NC, provides fresh content and marketing strategy for small businesses on Facebook, Twitter, Word Press. Google My Business, and LinkedIn and Pinterest as needed. Visibility and presence are critical on these platforms for client engagement and marketing; many small businesses are not doing it, do not want to do it, do not know how to do it, but know they need it because their competition is there. I.M.U. Social Media LLC fills that role as a surrogate content producer with continuous posts, tweets, and fresh blog post content.

Jim states: “The three success variables for increasing business within social media always involve the fundamentals: client acquisition, time and money. We pay astute attention to these factors every day for our clients. Our role is support and service and we know that our clients are the most important ingredient for both our growth and our mission. Servitude and success go hand-in-hand.”