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Editor’s note: This excerpt comes from a recent Dale Carnegie of the Bay Area post that IMUSM authored on content marketing…

Identity, Message, Understanding

Identity, Message, Understanding

Be wise in message. Be careful. Be positive. Be real. Think hard before posting a comment or tweeting a message

Often professional ego is the biggest contributor in marketing decisions about what is blogged, tweeted and posted. Leave it at home

Everything on the internet and social media is non- erasable and can and will come back to haunt the business if the message is wrong or poorly intended

Be kind, positive, and sensible to every audience; you will need associates, friends, fans, and family around if the message goes awry

Be competitive in everything; but do it the right way

This is a visual world first, a written one second. Go to TMZ or YouTube and check out the vast number of controversial videos out there. Place informational and positive videos on your site, Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts. A picture is indeed worth 1000 words. Videos are essential for both opportunity and visibility

Take care of your team, clients and suppliers. If something happens, the business will need them

Your business is what is written, both good and bad

Your business is what people see in action, both good and bad

If an apology is ever needed, an apology, be complete and forthright with honesty. Tell the truth and pull the post or tweet

Photo: Owned by IMUSM