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Social Media is Like a Meatloaf

Posted on January 17, 2014 by JIm Vogel

dishbasecomIMUSM says… who does not like a good meatloaf? Everyone has a favorite recipe and it is the perfect time of year to bake one in the oven. It is always a good day when the house slowly fills with the gentle aroma, and that always puts a smile on the faces of everyone who soon will partake in this classic American main dish!

Social Media ALSO has a recipe.

This is a simple recipe for success:

The following five key ingredients will fill your small business marketing with the aroma of both opportunity and results:

  • Content: Good topics, organically written, must include correct spelling, punctuation  and grammar.
  • Strategy: Have a game plan that makes sense and use it in every post.
  • Message: Know your audience and tell them what you do best.
  • Consistency: Do a post daily, weekly, or monthly. Once you start do not stop. 
  • Patience: It takes time to cook that meatloaf and it takes time to see results with social media. Six months to a year is a good timeline to gauge results and ROI.    

Social Media makes CENTS for your business; you simply have to have it. Presence on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Word Press is required in this e-marketing world.  If you need help, the team at IMU Social Media has clients across the country who love what they do for them. Give us a call!


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