2019 IMUSM Client Bill of “Writes”


The 2019 IMU Social Media (IMUSM) Client Bill of “Writes” with a 100% Guarantee for any “Wrongs”

  • All IMUSM services are completed ON TIME and exactly as promised.
  • We place content across the chosen common platforms twice a week, and blog as requested for each client as needed.
  • Every client is treated with the utmost professional courtesy and respect.
  • Getting content right the first time is not only essential, but it is also our only Guiding Principle.
  • Blogging dissatisfaction means FREE to all clients, with a full 100% refund on any blog post service.**
  • IMUSM bills clients on the 21st of every month with payment expected on the 21st of the next month. NO MONEY IS EVER PAID UP FRONT; everything is month-to-month and no commitment contract is ever needed. Yet, payments need to be paid ON TIME.
  • IMUSM bills monthly via e-mail through AABS Accounting Services. Personal and business checks are suggested with payment through USPS.  
  • It is important to note that all client service changes or discontinuation of service must be made ONLY through e-mail to jim@imusocialmedia.com
  • Payments 45 days late or longer will create an automatic stoppage of any service.

 ** One FREE blog post-re-write is allowed before payment is fully refunded.

Please allow 30 days notice by e-mail if canceling services.