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2018 IMUSM Pricing Menu

At I.M.U. Social Media LLC, (IMUSM: Identity, Message, Understanding, Strategy and Mission) we know that every micro, small business or solopreneur needs organic, consistent, and timely social media visibility. Presence on Facebook, **Google My Business (G+), and **Twitter, with quality organic blog posts is something every organization needs.

Here are the seven social media problems for start-ups and growing businesses:

  • You don’t really want to mess with social media.
  • You do not know how to do it.
  • You currently are not doing anything with social media content and strategy.
  • You do not understand what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.
  • You did it for a short period but stopped because of time and resources.
  • Your competition is doing a pretty good job at it.
  • You think it is costly to have someone do it for you on a regular basis.

I.M.U. Social Media LLC can help quickly and effectively core services that start as low as $69* a blog post. This post strategy can give you instant visibility and presence and does not break a small business budget. We post on your website and send you the hyperlink to share anywhere and everywhere.

IMUSM offers four unique social media packages for 2018:

  • IMUSM Gold Service: Finding the gold is simple with a FULL menu of services for $399 monthly. Continuous platform management; two Facebook posts and pictures, and two Google My Business (G+) comments (or Twitter). This service is combined with two business focused monthly blog articles. This is our most popular package! Remember, you can add the third platform, your choice, Twitter or Google My Business, for only $59 with any package. 
  • IMUSM Silver Service: We provide the same continuous platform management as Gold; two Facebook posts plus pictures, two Google My Business (G+) comments (or Twitter) a week with pictures and one (instead of two) monthly blog article, all for just $339 a month. Remember, you can add the third platform, your choice, Twitter or Google My Business, for only $59 with any package.
  • IMUSM Pewter Service & Pewter Singles: Do you want to keep it simple? We provide platform management, two Facebook posts plus pictures, and two Google My Business (G+) comments (or Twitter) a week, without blogging, for only $269 a month. Don’t want a package? Social media management for Facebook, Google +, and Twitter as individual managed sites are only $139 a platform.
  • IMUSM Steel Deal: Are you a large website building service and need great organic writing and blogging content? Maybe as a small business, you want quality blogging only. UNLIMITED single blog articles are written as needed for only $69 each. Your business can have as many customized blog posts as needed at this price; or you can add additional blog posts to any IMUSM service at any time with no limit.
  • One time vetting fee of $99 is required: We assess the industry, the competition, marketing strategies, key terms, SEO strategy, reach and engagement, and develop a successful social media game plan that includes hashtags and continuous visibility building. There are no further up-fronts and no confusing contracts to sign. 

Being engaged with continuous strategy and staying connected to customers, friends, and family keeps your business visible and viable. It is a must in 2018!

It is not who you know or what you know; it is all about WHO KNOWS YOU and recommends your business that helps create client awareness, growth, and success. Prospective customers search by topic and city. You need to be found.

The “secret sauce” is in the social sharing, continuous engagement, and the posting of blog articles on your website and beyond.

Strong social media presence and branding are increasingly important components to organizational success. Your business is more “Google, Yahoo and Bing searchable” when it is consistent with the presentation of fresh and organic engagement across popular platforms.

Business success is all about relationship building, engagement, client acquisition, time spent and profitability.

IMUSM will help grow awareness for your business while you focus on building your business. It is the perfect outsourcing partnering strategy.  We indeed become you… I am you (IMU)!

Here is the summary for small business and solo professional service pricing: Gold $399, Silver $339, Pewter $269, Steel (blog posts only) $69… Facebook, Google My Business (G+), and Twitter management as singles, your choice $139.

Do all three platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Google My Business for the NEW special price of just $299 monthly. 

** REMEMBER, add Twitter or Google My Business (G+) as a third platform to ANY service package for JUST $59 a month.

As of January 1, 2018, Instagram is now a service at only $79 a month.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A one- time $99 vetting and implementation fee is required prior to launch to get your business assessed and researched for a thoroughly focused and developed social media marketing plan.

Contact Jim Vogel, Owner and Founder, I.M.U. Social Media LLC, at 704 439 0787 or 919 244 6989


*Prices valid through 12-31-18

Remember we have a 100% full money back guarantee!* Ask us about it! (*One blog post redo is offered). We also have special deals found only on our Facebook page. Ask us about the Apex or Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce, LKNSBN or ASBN member 10% discount. https://www.facebook.com/IMU Social Media

Got a question and want a quick answer? jim@imusocialmedia.com

Jim is:

  • Ambassador at Large with the Apex Chamber of Commerce
  • Founder and Chair of the Lake Norman Small Business Network
  • Founder and Social Media Director of the Apex Small Business Network
  • Regional Coordinator of the Lake Norman Community Blood Drive
  • Vice-Chair of the Business Growth and Economic Development Division, Board of Directors, Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce.

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