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KROMKRATHOG, FDPBlog posts make sense for SEO, for visibility, and for information. Those of you who remember book reports and term papers, it is all about getting it done. Alas, who has time, right?

Sit down. Jot some notes in an outline. Open word. Start typing. Do not start with the title. It is the last thing to do after you correct spelling, punctuation and phrasing.

No worries! The title will pop out every time. There is never writer’s block, just excuses.

Have fun and make your business better! Ready, set GO! The blog is due today!

  • Tell a good story
  • Know the business
  • Know the audience
  • Know the purpose
  • Present a point of view
  • Have a consistent structure and format
  • Invite the audience to do business
  • Keep the audience attention
  • Give the reader some takeaways
  • Be conversational
  • Label the photos with both source (name) and site (where you found it) ROYALTY FREE. Do not grab photos from Google Images.
  • Add  just a couple of hyperlinks
  • For SEO and what we call SEF (Search Engine Finding), mention the business three of four times in the post
  • Put a dozen tags at the bottom
  • Sprinkle in bold terms that focus on location and subject
  • Optimize the title (usually location)
  • Create relevant external links for SEO/ SEM success

Jim Vogel

Founder, CEO of I.M.U. Social Media LLC

Photo: KROMKRATHOP, freedigitalphotos.net