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14 FREE Small Business Social Media Strategies

  • Small business social media activity is essential. Comment on your own business (if adding a thought) and other businesses you support. Use Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter on a regular schedule.
  • Have employees, family, and friends LIKE and follow your business on Facebook, Google My Business and Twitter. Send everyone an e-mail with the hyperlinks in your signature information.
  • Brick and mortar businesses should place a colorful “attention-getting” sign in the front window announcing the Facebook URL and any other social media presence.
  • Place at a sign at the reception desk or waiting area with the Facebook, Google+ and Twitter URL’s.
  • Put Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and blog site URL on business cards, e-mail signature, stationery, website, and newsletter.
  • It is important to place (live URL’s) Facebook, Blog Post, Google+ and Twitter information in the signature box on all the outbound e-mails. This is an important and necessary content marketing strategy. We have mentioned this one already! It is very important for outbound marketing.
  • When employees are on the phone or e-mailing clients, have them mention the business social media presence and have them have them conclude the conversation, e-mail, and SMS with, “Have you found and liked us on Facebook (Twitter, Google My Business yet? Consider having an online contest (great on Facebook) for your audience, or giveaway or discount that can be promoted across Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • Consider having a Facebook or Social Media “Meet Up” event “offline” at your offices or at a local café for clients and potential clients; make it a quarterly informal networking event.
  • Encourage everyone; friends, family, neighbors, and business associates to like, follow, SHARE or continuously read what has been posted on all of your business platforms. Send them the links or articles via e-mail when the subjects are considered of value to them.
  • Attend as many local networking Chamber or like events as possible. It is NOT what you know or who you know; IT IS WHO KNOWS YOU.
  • Join groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Join the local Chamber of Commerce, register your business on Google+, and comment on other people’s articles and posts.
  • Join other local organizations and groups ONLINE; participate in as many discussions and conversation strings as possible.
  • Sponsor and participate in community endeavors like festivals, charities, 5K runs, food and blood drives and help share the information across your social media sites.

Visibility is essential as your social media presence grows through content, ENGAGEMENT, and consistency; call 919 244 6989 or e-mail jim@imusocialmedia.com


BONUS SECTION: Generic social media plan for small business:

Get out a clean piece of paper and sharpen that pencil… GO!

Look at the history of the business, current situation, and the marketing strategies currently in use… then:  

  • Set Goals
  • Choose the right platforms on social media
  • Assess your target audiences
  • Define both the challenges and the opportunities
  • Track and measure the analytics for growth and return
  • Use re-targeting strategies and tactics and CHANGE them up to improve process and results  

Remember… ENGAGE your clients… they want and need to be paid attention to every day!


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