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  • Your ownership and your personal activity are essential. You can indeed comment on your own stuff (if adding a thought) and other blog posts, Facebook posts, Google +, LinkedIn and tweets.
  • Have your employees, family, and friends LIKE and follow you on Facebook, Google + and Twitter. Send them an e-mail with the links.
  • Place a colorful “attention getting” sign in the front window of your business office announcing your Facebook and other social media presence.
  • Place at sign at the reception desk or waiting area with your Facebook and Twitter URL’s.
  • Put your Facebook, Twitter, and blog URL on your business card, stationary, website and newsletter.
  • Put your (live URL’s) Facebook, Blog Post and Twitter information in the signature on all the outbound e-mails. Consider this additional information your marketing “resource box”.
  • When your employees are on the phone or e-mailing clients, have them mention your social media presence or have them conclude the conversation with, “Have you found and liked us yet on Facebook and Twitter yet?”
  • Consider having an online contest (great on Facebook) for your audience or have a giveaway or discount that can be promoted across social media.
  • Have a Facebook or Social Media “Meet Up” event “offline” at your offices or at a local café for clients and potential clients; make it a quarterly networking event.
  • Encourage your friends, family, neighbors, and business associates to like, follow or continuously read what has been posted on all of your business platforms. Send them the links or articles via e-mail when the subjects are of value to them.
  • Attend as many local business networking events as possible. It is NOT what you know or who you know; IT IS WHO KNOWS YOU.
  • Join the local Chamber of Commerce and attend as many events as possible.
  • Sponsor community endeavors like festivals, charities, 5 K runs, food and blood drives using your social media sites.

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