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If someone ever suggests to you to write down those great ideas you sometimes get in the middle of the night, do it. From great ideas can come a little luck and a brand new business that fills a much needed niche.

In a fast 12 months, IMU Social Media is one year old today. It is a great anniversary. It is a time to celebrate!

In May and June of last year, I started helping my good friend Brian Woomer, Woomer Insurance, edit and write a weekly blog post. About the same time, the Chair of the  Apex Jazz Festival was looking for a “social media guy” to promote the brand new Jazz Fest. Timing was critical, so I created their Facebook page, Word Press site, and Twitter account. I was always a message person, so it was a great fit. Just after the festival, at anApex Chamber event at Triangle Orthopaedics, I met Dr. Joe Wilson who needed help with his social media. The rest has fallen into place. The business was born.

In that middle of the night last July 16, I wrote down IMU on a piece of paper. “I am you!”Identity, Message, UnderstandingIMU Social Media now had a name. Lawyers did the DBA and the trademark. The business became official in September.

With Woomer Insurance, the Apex Jazz Festival and Dr. Wilson as clients it became a warm call to chat with prospective clients. We have averaged a new client every two weeks since then.

With 34 clients on board including Dale Carnegie Training and eBoot Camp, and three more on board August 1, we are doing what our clients want and need.

We never have to cold call. Everything is relationship-driven. Our mission is growing small business in a tight economy inexpensively and strategically.

Here is the IMU difference:

  • We focus only on small business (less than 10 employees).
  • We write across every discipline. We do social media for organizations that range from Premier 1 Automotive to Park Ophthalmology.
  • We stay with all the new trends in SEO and social media marketing.
  • We write conversationally in every blog post regardless of the topic.
  • Our clients never have to worry; we never miss a commitment or deadline.
  • Our mission is three-fold: saving time, saving money, and building clients through engagement. 
  • We are designed for the very busy small business owner.
  • We maximizie visibility through marketing process and strategy.

With clients in North Carolina and in Michigan we are growing. We have added AABS Inc. as our bookkeeping service and we now have four writers, a sales director, and graphics support (our logo is AWESOME) with White Knuckle Graph-x, Inc. On August 1, we are adding tech support as well. Our partners, Pillar Social Media and Vogel Social Media offer the technical side of the popular platforms we create content for, and we are looking to helping more and more businesses as we head into 2013.

If you have a business and you know your competition is out on social media making a presence, but it is hard for you to do all the content creation and management, give me a call.

On August 7th, from 5-7 p.m. at Rudino’s Sports Porch in Apex, join us as Detroit After 5 hosts IMU Social Media’s First Anniversary networking event. Stop by and say hi!


It is fun to have small business growth and visibility within popular platforms. There are 900 million people on Facebook and over 300 million on Twitter. According to a recent study, people go to Facebook four out of five times when they go online. We want them to visit you!

Thank you for reading our Anniversary blog post!




Jim Vogel
Owner of I.M.U. Social Media
Cell: 919.244.6989
https://www.imusocialmedia.com and https://www.facebook.com/IMUSocialMedia
Follow me on Twitter @SalesTherapist
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